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Supporting a Cause: Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis

At Zahntechnique, we are not just passionate about crafting beautiful smiles; we are also dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Alex Wuensche, one of our esteemed co-owners, is participating in the Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis event as a paddler.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system, making everyday tasks a challenge for those living with it. The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis event aims to raise awareness and funds to support research and provide resources for those affected by this condition.

Alex’s decision to take part in this event reflects our commitment to supporting causes that matter. By paddling across challenging waters, Alex is not only showcasing determination and resilience but also raising vital funds to make a difference in the lives of those battling cystic fibrosis.

We invite you to join us in supporting Alex’s efforts by visiting hisĀ donation page. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a meaningful impact and bring us one step closer to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Let’s paddle together towards a future where cystic fibrosis no longer poses a threat, and every individual can breathe a little easier. Thank you for your support!

Together, we can make a difference!

Alex on paddleboard with Crossing for a Cure Logo Cystic Fibrosis
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