With the extremely high success rate of dental implants coupled with the demands of maintaining patient hygiene, a combination of a fixed and removable, otherwise known as hybrid, restoration could be an optimal solution.


An extremely esthetic option for full arch rehabilitation. The gingival anatomy and teeth are carefully layered with porcelain to achieve a restoration that is strong and natural-looking.


The most prescribed treatment for full-arch restorations, our acrylic hybrid is processed to a titanium bar for maximum stability.


Milled using leading CAD/CAM five-axis milling machines, Pekkton is lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Finished with individually cemented lithium disilicate crowns, the Pekkton hybrid restorations has the appearance of crown and bridge dentistry.


The MK1 provides a combination of esthetics, function, and hygiene. Using a novel “key”, the patient has the ability to remove the restoration with ease to simplify an at home hygiene protocol.

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