Our Removable Department is highly-skilled in partnering with clinicians to identify the ideal treatment plans to best serve the most complex needs of patients. If you are seeking a laboratory capable of producing premium dentures, flexible and metal partials, or durable night guards, send your next case to Zahntechnique.

Full Denture

Our premium full denture utilizes the latest in Anaxdent injection molding for the most esthetic and precise fitting dentures available. All dentures are fabricated with the highest quality denture teeth imported from Germany.

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Flexible Partials

The perfect restorative option for patients with metal-based allergies, our flexible partials are virtually unbreakable and easily removable. Best of all, our flexibles are repairable.

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Metal Partials

Offering excellent fit and minimal thickness, our metal partial provides patients with a highest level of durability.

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Night Guards

Our night guards are designed to alleviate the frequent grinding and clenching experienced by bruxer patients while sleeping. We offer soft, soft/hard and hard night guards.

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