Our Commitment to Quality

Zahntechnique, Inc. is known worldwide for high-quality restorations, the process can only be achieved by placing premium materials in the hands of highly capable dental technicians. This is why Zahntechnique has gone the extra distance to maintain the status of being a Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL).

Certification in the dental laboratory profession is voluntary. Laboratories who have taken the extra steps to become certified represent the top tier of their field.

Zahntechnique takes pride in the quality and professionalism of its products and services. The CDL designation provides assurance that Zahntechnique has met specific standards relating to quality assurance, safety, and business manufacturing practices.

Due to the strict standards of earning and maintaining the CDL designation, there are less than 200 laboratories in the United Sates who hold an active certification and Zahntechnique is proud to be one of only thirteen CDLs that resides in Florida.

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