Zahntechnique creates a wide array of high-end, fixed restorations ranging from the traditional metal-based crown to the latest zirconia or lithium disilicate materials layered with porcelain. Whether you require premium esthetics or are seeking economical options, we have the restorative solutions to fit your needs.


Zmono is a fully anatomical zirconia restoration and is the ideal restorative option for patients suffering from heavy bruxism. This economical, yet esthetic option is kind to the opposing dentition and is highly fracture resistant. Zmono is ideal for single-unit to long-span restorations.

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Zmono™ HT

The ultimate in glass-like translucency, Zmono HT combines premium esthetics with optimal strength. Zmono HT is indicated for the cosmetic anterior region and can be used to fabricate single-unit to 3-unit splinted restorations.

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Zmax™, our lithium disilicate restorative solution, provides exceptional esthetics and precise fit. Zmax™ is the preferred solution for anterior cases where high esthetics is required. This restoration is limited to single-units.

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The highly esthetic option for patients seeking a restorative product with minimal preparation, Zeneer offers a high flexural strength and precise fit. Zeneer is optimal for veneers, inlays and onlays.

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Zeramic™, our highest esthetic zirconia restoration, is fabricated from high-quality porcelain and layered on a lifelike translucent zirconia coping.

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A versatile restorative solution suited to accommodate any shade and indication. PFM offers strength, light-dispersion and incredibly natural esthetics.

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Full Metal

Extremely gentle on surrounding dentition, this fully anatomical metal restoration offers a high rate of strength and biocompatibility..

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