At Zahntechnique, implant restorations are fabricated using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components to ensure you restorations have the highest probability of success the implant warranty is not voided. Our industry partners mill high quality custom abutments to ensure implant restorations are highly esthetic and functional. We offer cement-retained, screw-retained, as well as removable implants restorations to suit the needs of every case.


With appropriately placed implants, screw-retained implant restorations are an optimal choice as it relates to retrievability.

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An esthetic option that does not require screw access holes. Proper removal of excess cement is paramount to the success of this restoration. Retrievability can also be more challenging versus a screw-retained restoration.

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Our removable implant restorations enable you to treat patients with a multitude of options and based on clinical requirements and financial considerations. From a two-implant overdenture to a MK-1 restoration, rest assured we have the best solution for your individual patient needs.

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